SF1000 – A Low Profile Roof-Mounted Ventilator

SF1000 – A Low Profile Roof-Mounted Ventilator


  • Natural ventilation
  • High air change rate
  • For high heat load industrial applications – Aluminium
    and Copper Smelters, Steel Mills, Glass Manufacturing
    Plants, etc.
  • Dimensionally flexible
  • Low height
  • On site or off site assembly
  • Maintenance free

The SF1000 is a low profile ventilator designed to provide an economical, site assembled, dimensionally flexible unit that offers minimal adverse structural wind affect to a building.

Size Characteristics, Options and Variants

  • Unit width: 1000 mm
  • Unit height: 690 mm
  • Material: Aluminium, ZincAL or Galvanised
  • Colours: Standard Chromadek©, Standard COLORPLUS©, Standard RAL
  • Adaptation to any reasonable roof slope
  • Possibility of adding wind shield at the sides
  • Possibility of adding expansion joint, depending on the building
  • Can be adapted on both sides of the roof ridge, or on one side only

CFD Modeling


  • Aerodynamic free area: 0.155 m2/m2 of throat area
    (Report W549-01F02-SF1000 of Windtech Consultants)
  • Load test: the SF1000 is perfectly able to support a load of 1000 N/m2
    (Report No. BE 1041/RD1 of CSIR)
  • Rain protection: no significant amount of water under a rain of 910 mm/h (Report 10/10/1998 of Steelevent)
  • Reaction to fire classification (steel): A1

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Content Updated: 12/16

Percentage Free Area – 1560 Louvre

Material Approximate Mass
Aluminium 10 kg/m2
Galvanised 18 kg/m2
ZincAl 17 kg/m2