Who We Are

Robertson Ventilation Industries [RVI] founded in 2005 is a legacy holding company, which has a lineage dating back to 1918. The Head Office is located in Gauteng, South Africa, with branches in the Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mozambique. Our areas of operation include the mining, industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors worldwide. With a staff complement of 160 members and an ISO certified quality assurance system we have the capabilities to design, engineer, fabricate, install and commission any system offering. 


RVI is a leader in

Engineered [non-moving parts] ventilation systems, which handle all heat-load levels from hot-spot furnace areas to general on-site workshops. Our customers have a few choices between a range of louvres and roof mounted ventilators, capable of dealing with various heat parameters.

Architectural [external aesthetics] thermal and light control façade solutions, which directly impact on the energy requirements of a building. RVI is a supplier of choice for external sun-shading systems and internal automated blind solutions. Our in-house design, installation and commissioning capabilities allow RVI to offer bespoke solutions to leading Architects and Engineers.


Smoke and Heat Exhaust ventilation/smoke clearance systems[powered and natural], which are constantly subjected to R&D scrutiny, aimed at developing cost effective solutions to smoke control problems. All RVI smoke and heat exhaust ventilation products are subjected to rigorous testing and are code compliant.



RVI prides itself in making use of ISO / Quality Accredited Suppliers, whether this work is done in-house or sub-contracted to our various partners. Productivity remains a top priority at RVI to meet the growing demands of customers and ever shortening deadlines. RVI follows the business philosophy of continuous improvement by refining systems and processes, which ultimately leads to a cost-efficient service offering. As such, the company advances their management teams, workforces, and organizational cultures by enhancing resource productivity.

Bespoke Product Design

RVI uses cutting edge CAD/CAM software to visualize and simulate product design before going to manufacture. The 2D and 3D design software allows the design specialist to envisage how the actual product will function pre-manufacture. Viewing and running a simulation on computer offers RVI the opportunity to reduce the need for costly prototypes, eliminates rework and improves overall design efficiency, which translates into a quality design with lower cost and reduced lead times. When it comes to the handling of gasses such as air or smoke, RVI has the ability to make use of Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling [CFD] for complex design analysis; this adds to our ability to accurately predict the performance and cost-effectiveness of specifically engineered ventilation systems. RVI has a highly qualified team of internationally experienced design professionals capable of solving any industrial ventilation, smoke control or architectural aesthetics challenge.





Project Management

RVI, primarily being a contracting company, provides project management as a key competency; we are therefore able to offer various turnkey solutions to our customers across various industries. Because both ventilation and architectural installations are complex functions and technically challenging, clients may prefer RVI to administer the entire scope of the project. Often clients require feedback around planning, preferential procurement, coordination of services and communication with project teams around accurate programing.

Preventive Maintenance

Fire safety equipment must at all times be fit for purpose, and must therefore be properly maintained. The same applies to ventilation equipment, particularly compressors and electric control panels that act as the heart of the system. RVI’s service and maintenance contracts are tailored to the specific project undertaken for the client. Preventive maintenance specifications are itemized in compliance with the requirements of The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act. All records of routine maintenance are kept on file. In the event of equipment malfunction, our team of specialist technicians will undertake fast and efficient repairs.



Our Vision

To enhance peoples’ living and work spaces by making the environments associated with buildings healthy, safe, productive and comfortable.

Our Mission

To build long-term relationships with our employees, customers, clients, suppliers and trade associates. We aim to provide exceptional workmanship through lifelong learning, following a business philosophy of constant improvement and connecting with advanced technology.

Our Social Responsibility

For RVI it’s not enough to be profitable and boast an exemplary reputation in customer care, the company is also committed to going the extra mile to demonstrate our support to employees, the community, and the world at large. RVI has earned a solid reputation for making corporate responsibility goals part of everyday work life; employees are encouraged to connect their personal passions with the company’s mission statement with the intention to create a culture of engagement and empower their personal and organizational success.

Our Corporate Culture

RVI’s corporate culture has developed organically over time, from the cumulative traits of the people within the company. Our chief focus is to strengthen the collaborative relationship between management and employees through various policies, practices, values and rituals that not only supports each employees’ personal passion but also encourages their productivity in the working environment.


Transformation Policy

We constantly strive to improve our B-BBEE compliance. RVI is committed to preferential procurement and various initiatives associated with the transformation.


Occupational Health and Safety Standards

RVI maintains stringent health and safety standards, both in our workshop and on site, we ensure full compliance with regard to legislative requirements for employees and clients in our working environments. We ensure that all employees are thoroughly familiar with quality and safety standards. RVI promotes continuous self-improvement in learning about health and safety standards, namely the Occupational Health and Safety Act [OHS Act].