QMP – Multipurpose Roof Ventilators

QMP – Multipurpose Roof Ventilators


  • Ventilation or heat exhaust
  • Several aperture positions, for winter, summer, rain and heat
  • For new or existing buildings
  • Warehouse or light industrial workshop with moderate ventilation needs
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Weather resistant design

The QMP ventilator is a natural ventilator suited for simple applications where ventilation needs are not complicated or where rapid installation into existing buildings is required. It is particularly well suited to use on existing buildings and for areas requiring spot ventilation such as warehouses and light industrial workshops.

Characteristics of QMP615 and QMP724

  • Fuse operated: rain position or summer position – Fusible link temperature: 74°C, 100°C, 138°C, 182°C or 232°C
  • Actuator operated: rain, winter and summer positions
  • Material: Aluminium, ZincAlume or Galvanised
  • Colours: Standard Chromadek©, Standard COLORPLUS©, Standard RAL
  • Bird mesh as an optional extra (25 mm x 13 mm x 1.6 mm)

Mass Characteristics

Material QMP615 QMP724
Aluminium 46 kg 84 kg
Galvanised 88 kg 160 kg
ZincAlume 79 kg 143 kg

QMP615 and QMP724 Dimensions in mm

QMP615 1085 460 375 525 825 450 1830 1755 2285
QMP724 1520 685 600 810 1130 610 2150 2075 2670

Rain Position: Moderate Ventilation, Protection Against Rain

Winter Position:
Fully Closed

Summer Position:
Fully Open

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Content Updated: 09/17