A breath of fresh air for Robertson Ventilation Industries

A breath of fresh air for Robertson Ventilation Industries

September 20, 2016 Off By Kevin Springer

Robertson Ventilation Industries [RVI], operating from Modderfontein Industrial Complex in Gauteng, launched their new brand strategy on 19 May at a buffet dinner, held at the Barnyard Theater, Emperor’s Palace. Guests were shown a short promotional video that illustrated the merits of how the company’s existing brand identity had evolved after a decade in business. The message that was communicated provided insight into the significance of a meaningful brand within the contemporary commercial environment. The concept that new brooms sweep clean was personified in a storytelling manner as the old RVI logo made way for a restructured icon that reflects the voice of the company.

The audience, made up of key clients and media partners, credited RVI’s excellent relationship with customers to the way the company arrives at custom solutions to challenging projects. As such the colors, shapes and glyphs in the new logo design combine to create a friendly yet professional personality to amplify RVI’s overall visibility. Brand specialists attending the event agreed that brand awareness and purchase intent are highly correlated with repetitive viewing and consistent branding. In sowing the seeds of change, Robertson Ventilation Industries expressed their intention to remain relevant in the current economic climate, according to Andrew Leigh, RVI Group CEO. “We remain aware of RVI’s competitive positioning in the marketplace, hence our decision to rebrand, aligning the new business direction with the new brand,” he said.

Leigh acknowledged guests for their valued contribution on the RVI journey to maintain their position as supplier of choice, stating that RVI’s future was bright only due to their loyal support. Robertson Ventilation Industries are designers and manufacturers of bespoke external and internal shaded architectural solution’s, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, and natural engineered ventilation. The company also specialises in preventative maintenance and product upgrades. Andrew Leigh concluded the event by announcing that the past fiscal year had been the best yet for RVI. “We believe that together we will continue to accomplish significant and innovative work as we’ve done since our inception a decade ago,” he added.

RVI – Brand Relaunch Video