Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintainence Fire, the visible effect of the process of combustion, can lead to the destruction of building within minutes, ruin stock, injure and kill and in extreme cases, undermine the survival of a business. The costs of fire claims against South African insurers for direct damage and consequent business interruption in expensive. Preventive Maintenance is therefore imperative.

The National Buildings Regulations and Buildings Standards Act requires that all safety equipment be maintained and records kept of such maintenance. RVI therefore upholds a high standard in its manufacture of fire safety systems, to not only protect the building and occupants, but also to justify the superior quality of products and service as a sound investment. The time where regular maintenance was regarded as an unnecessary additional expense, or even as a luxury, no longer applies because sub-standard maintenance practices are simply not an option. Service & Maintainence

Why Preventive Maintenance?

Throughout a buildings life cycle, the fire safety equipment must be fit for purpose, properly maintained and regularly tested. It is crucial that the building is periodically evaluated over the course of its entire life – in other words, not just as an operational building, but also taking into account the architectural design, construction, operational purpose, demolition potential and waste treatment.

Consequently, when attempting to improve an operational feature of a building that is related to how a building was designed, requires specialist knowledge. However, this level of expertise is not normally within the scope of mainstream building services or even a department managing amenities.

Equipment, particularly compressors and/or electric control panels that act as the heart of the system, should be thoroughly checked at regular intervals, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The soundest approach is to appoint specialists to guarantee compliance with the service schedule requirement of your system. RVI provides such international levels of service.

Benefits of RVI’s Long-term Contracts

The fire safety systems provide a fundamental element of fire strategy preventive maintenance. It is essential that measures are taken to ensure the continued reliability of these systems, in the event of a fire. By entering into a preventive maintenance agreement, you are fulfilling your obligation under SANS 10400: Part T and SANS 10139 Building Standards, and acknowledge the responsibility to ensure that all requisite systems function as intended. Maintenance and regular checks are required under title SANS 10400: Part T Building Standards and should be recorded within log books.

Drawing on 58 years’ of experience and the latest technologies, RVI provides maintenance agreements that are unsurpassed in terms of quality and compliance. As one of South Africa’s largest smoke ventilation companies, many clients recognise the benefits of instructing RVI to both install and maintain their sites, providing continuity of service.

What we Mean by Service and Maintenance

Service means providing our clients with a tailored maintenance contract to ensure optimum product performance, whilst certifying that legislative obligations are met. In the event of equipment malfunction, service means a fast and efficient call-out and repair process.

Fire safety systems are life-saving practices and it is therefore essential that regular preventive maintenance is carried out to the required standards, by competent personnel who are thoroughly familiar with the relevant legislation and equipment being serviced.

Under the SANS 10400: Part T Building Standards legislation service and preventive maintenance is the responsibility of the property management company or the landlord. All fire safety equipment must be maintained to ensure optimal working order. In the event of property damage or the health/life of occupants in a building being compromised due to fire, maintenance records may be called upon for both legal and insurance purposes. Regular preventive maintenance can extend the lifespan of these essential safety systems. Regular planned preventive maintenance also ensures that any defects are identified and repaired/replaced before a critical situation arises.

Services and Systems Supported

As one of South Africa’s largest smoke and heat exhaust ventilation companies, RVI’s Service and Maintenance division is geared to undertake installations, repairs, preventive maintenance and provide expert advice to clients to ensure all their fire control systems conform to South African National Building Standards at all times. We offer clients flexible maintenance services to meet their needs as well as Service Level Agreements for 12, 24 or 36 months.

These systems include:

Service and maintenance of Smoke Ventilation Systems

Installation, service and maintenance of Fire Detection Systems

Installation, service and maintenance of Gas Suppression Systems

Installation, service and maintenance of Sprinkler Systems

Installation, service and maintenance of Fire Equipment (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and hose reels)

The services offered include:

Scheduled preventive maintenance

24 hour emergency service desk facility

Priority treatment for any enquiry

A single point of contact for all maintenance enquiries

As far as practically possible, the same technicians will attend to the same sites, ensuring consistency of service

Flexible working hours to suit customers’ needs

Technician’s reports are issued to the client upon completion of each visit; these can also be issued to site personnel if requested

Proactive system monitoring 365 days a year

RVI is an All-round Service Provider

RVI service technicians offer a fast response, round-the-clock service to support both RVI’s own and other manufacturers’ products. We ensure quick delivery of spare parts with many components retrieved from our own stocks. Our service centres are located in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape; however we are able to offer services anywhere in South Africa. RVI’s job management system also maintains a comprehensive history of your site and installed equipment so that we are efficient in the service we provide.

RVI provides preventive maintenance visits that conform to the British Standards Institution Schedule: Schedule BS 7346:1-1990, BS 5588:12-2004 and the SANS 10400: Part T, indicating that where natural or powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are concerned, it is essential that they are serviced regularly and maintained to ensure optimal working condition.

The RVI maintenance department offers problem solving, advice and alternative solutions to existing systems that require modification. RVI services a variety of sites across South Africa, visiting thousands of developments each year. All of our clients enjoy the benefits of our long-term commitment to service quality.